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On December 28,2017 Somerset County Jail became the first county jail in the state of Maine to become certified as PREA compliant as promulgated by the United States Department of Justice

The mission of the Somerset County Jail is to provide a safe, secure, and humane correctional environment for staff that work in the jail and prisoners that reside in the jail. Consistent with the mission of the Somerset County Jail, the jail maintains appropriate control of prisoners by providing various levels of security necessary to protect the public. This control is by utilizing the guiding principles of direct supervision.

If you have not volunteered at Somerset County Jail and are interested please call
(207) 858-9566. Programs Manager Michael Welch will assist you through this process.
The next volunteer orientation is June 26th at 5:30 PM in the Jail Training Room.

A Pod Mandala       C Pod Mandala

Mandalas were made in Peggy Rileys art class by Inmates. Good way for Inmates to give back and help others that might be going through tough times while incarcerated. These Madalas have been placed in our special management units.

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The Somerset County Jail knitting program is a pilot program that started approximately one year ago under the guidance of Sgt. Darlena Bugbee. The program was initiated based on research from similar evidence based programs. The first project that the knitting program participated in was Purple Hat Day, raising awareness of child abuse and neglect. Since then the program has continued to grow. Recently hats created by participants in the program were donated to homeless Veterans, local schools, and organizations assisting children. To date over 350 hats have been made by inmates participating in the knitting program.

Please take a moment to complete the Jail Postcard Project Survey.

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Security & Rehabilitation

The Somerset County Jail balances its security obligation with its obligation to promote rehabilitation by providing and implementing a comprehensive treatment plan for each offender which encourages that offender to re-enter society as a law-abiding, productive citizen. The treatment plan will include, where appropriate, educational opportunities, work release programs, anger management programs and mental health treatment.

Work Environment
The Somerset County Jail provides a work environment that emphasizes and expects teamwork, unity, respect, recognition of staff achievements and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Professionalism, integrity and adherence to the values of the Somerset County Jail are the core of the Jail’s mission.

Women's Reformatory History
Somerset County Jail is currently seeking information reference the county jail in Somerset to include the history of the Women's Reformatory. If you have information on this history please contact: Sean Maguire at the jail, 207-474-7409, ext. 2004.

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