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Wednesday August 5, 2015 Workshop 3:00 PM Meeting 3:30 PM
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County of Somerset, Maine
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Somerset County Jail

Mission: The mission of the Somerset County Jail is to provide a safe, secure, and humane correctional environment for staff that work in the jail and prisoners that reside in the jail. Consistent with the mission of the Somerset County Jail, the jail maintains appropriate control of prisoners by providing various levels of security necessary to protect the public. This control is by utilizing the guiding principles of direct supervision.

The Somerset County Jail balances its security obligation with its obligation to promote rehabilitation by providing and implementing a comprehensive treatment plan for each offender which encourages that offender to reenter society as a law-abiding, productive citizen. The treatment plan will include, where appropriate, educational opportunities, work release programs, anger management programs and mental health treatment.

The Somerset County Jail provides a work environment that emphasizes and expects teamwork, unity, respect, recognition of staff achievements and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Professionalism, integrity and adherence to the values of the Somerset County Jail are the core of the Jail’s mission.

131 East Madison Road
Madison, Maine 04950
Phone: 207-474-7409
Fax: 207-474-5802
Name: MAJ Cory Swope
Title: Jail Administrator
Personal Bio: 9 years of Corrections experience in Pennsylvania (Correctional Treatment Specialist) and Somerset County. Member of Transition Team for Jail.
Name: CPT Gary Crafts
Title: Special Projects Officer
Personal Bio: 20+ years with Maine State Police. 15 years with Somerset County Jail from Corrections Officer through Assistant Jail Administrator.
Name: CPT Sean Maguire
Title: Assistant Jail Administrator
Personal Bio: 20 plus years in Corrections at the Maine State Prison, Maine Correctional Institution - Warren, and Somerset County Jail.
Name: Dave Needham
Title: Programs Manager
Personal Bio:
Name: David Spaulding
Title: Maintenance Chief
Personal Bio: 15 years Maintenance experience at Maine State Prison. Facility Maintenance Chief and Transition Team member at Somerset County Jail since 2007. 4 years in United States Air Force.
Name: Laura Lapointe
Title: Jail Administrative Assistant
Personal Bio: I began my employment with Somerset County in 2005 as the Deputy Clerk in the Commissioners' Office and in 2008 I transferred to the Jail as the Administrative Assistant.
Name: Micheal Berube
Title: Staff Development Specialist
Personal Bio: I've worked for Somerset County Corrections since 1994. I started as a Line Officer, Promoted to Shift Commander, Promoted to Classification & Training, Promoted to Transition Team and am now Staff Development which oversees the hiring and training process. I was raised in Norridgewock & Skowhegan. I am married and have a daughter.

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